Twisted X Womens Top Hand WS Toe Distressed Saddle/Red Cowgirl Boot

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Womens Twisted X Top Hand Cowgirl Boots
Red Buckle Collection
Color- Distressed Saddle/Red
Leather- Distressed Cowhide
Shaft- 11"
Toe- WS Toe 
Midsole- Rubber
50K Outsole- Genuine LW Super Slab Rubber

The Red Buckle Collection is constructed like all the other Twisted X categories. Twisted X has incorporated newer and lighter weight material with some components to accentuate comfort. The boots in this line are made to be functional and comfortable. 

In the Top Hand line the fit is consistent like all other Twisted X Boots with their Comfort Package, so the quality, fit, and durability have not been sacrificed nor altered. This line is a lighter version then the Silver Buckle Collection. Their Air Mesh lining in the Top Hand line makes the boots more breathable than traditional leather lining. These boots are designed for the stirrup and spur.

Style- WTH0006