Twisted X Boots Womens Ruff Stock PWS Toe Bomber/Red,White, & Blue

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Womens Twisted X Ruff Stock Boots
Silver Buckle Collection
Color- Bomber/Red, White, & Blue
Leather- Bomber Cowhide
Shaft- 13"
Toe- PWS Toe
Midsole- Rubber
Outsole- 50K Genuine Super Slab Rubber
Attached Heel- Long Base Heel

In the Silver Buckle Collection you'll find authentic styling, technology, stability, durability, and comfort in this line of Twisted X. 

The Ruff Stock line from Twisted X are designed for the working and rodeo cowgirls. The heels are either under slung or block with long bases to ensure stability. The heel rands are extended to fit a heavier banded rough stock spur. If you ride ox bows, you'll find that the extended welt and mid sole provide more comfort than a typical ¾ welted boot. The top leathers are soft if you need to wrap the shafts. The heels are nailed on so that the whole outsole isn't torn off during a mishap. We think this is the best and only boot designed that incorporates what the true rough stock cowgirl requires.

Style- WRS0024